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By Stephanie Saltzman stephsaltzman
April 19, 2016
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The Age of Bold Brows began somewhere around 2011 with the rise of Cara Delevingne's career. And in case you hadn't noticed, it's still going strong in 2016. So as those of us who went tweezer-happy in the '90s and early aughts continue our struggle toward brow rehab, we've turned to a series of increasingly strange—and even dangerous—treatments ( tattoos , tinting , microblading ) out of desperation. The somewhat more budget-friendly, DIY treatment I heard about most recently? Swiping plain old Rogaine over your brows with a Q-tip once a day.

I'd heard about a friend of a friend (OK, I know it sounds like this is a veiled way of speaking about myself, but really, it was a friend of a friend) who had came upon this idea on the Internet, stocked up on generic-brand minoxidil at Costco, and begun using it on her brows every night. It immediately struck me as either completely genius or completely terrifying, so I resolved to get to the truth of the matter. This friend of a friend (whom I will from now on refer to as "FOF") had supposedly experienced real, noticeable results from her Rogaine experiment. Having stalked said FOF on Instagram, I can attest: She does have damn good brows.

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I put on my investigative-reporter hat (don't worry, it's imaginary) and did some more snooping. I began my research just as any good reporter would: on Google. Google "Can you use minoxidil on eyebrows" and you'll find nearly 100,000 results. The problem? In all of those forums and discussions of the subject, there doesn't seem to be a conclusive answer as to 1) whether Rogaine is effective for regrowing eyebrows or 2) whether it's safe. So I reached out to the company that makes Rogaine, and the only response they could give me was that "Rogaine is indicated and FDA approved for hereditary hair loss on the scalp." As far as the off-label use of putting it on your face, close to your eyes? Not something the makers of Rogaine were about to comment on, much less endorse.

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By Reuters
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - After the Paris attacks, security forces searched far and wide for prime suspect Salah Abdeslam, who vanished after returning to Brussels, believing Islamic State could have spirited him away to Turkey, Syria or Morocco.

It appears Europe's most wanted man never left the Belgian capital. And it was family, friends and petty criminals who helped him evade a manhunt for four months before he was arrested on Friday in the neighborhood he grew up in, not far from his parents' home.

As security services seek to understand how Islamic State operates in Europe to prevent more attacks, Abdeslam's case highlights the difficulty of tracking suspects who can rely on the protection of community networks, many of which do not involve religious radicals and are not on the police radar.

"Abdeslam relied on a large network of friends and relatives that already existed for drug dealing and petty crime to keep him in hiding," Belgium's federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw said of the only surviving suspect of the November13 attacks that killed 130 people in Paris.

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"This was about the solidarity of neighbors, families," Van Leeuw told public broadcaster RTBF, speaking about Abdeslam's ability to hide for so long despite 24,000 calls from the public to a Belgian police hotline seeking information about the suspected attackers.

Abdeslam may have been hidden in the basement of an apartment of the mother of a friend with no links to militants, Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique reported on Sunday.

Such friendships, not Islamic State operatives, proved crucial from the start for Abdeslam, who ran a bar in Molenbeek with his brother, which was a nexus of social life for young Arab men with little interest in the mosque but was shut down shortly before the attacks for being a hub for drug dealing.

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It would be nice if we could write a single sort method that could sort the elements in an Integer array, a String array, or an array of any type that supports ordering.

Java Generic methods and generic classes enable programmers to specify, with a single method declaration, a set of related methods, or with a single class declaration, a set of related types, respectively.

Generics also provide compile-time type safety that allows programmers to catch invalid types at compile time.

Using Java Generic concept, we might write a generic method for sorting an array of objects, then invoke the generic method with Integer arrays, Double arrays, String arrays and so on, to sort the array elements.

Generic Methods

You can write a single generic method declaration that can be called with arguments of different types. Based on the types of the arguments passed to the generic method, the compiler handles each method call appropriately. Following are the rules to define Generic Methods −

All generic method declarations have a type parameter section delimited by angle brackets (< and >) that precedes the method's return type ( < E > in the next example).

Each type parameter section contains one or more type parameters separated by commas. A type parameter, also known as a type variable, is an identifier that specifies a generic type name.

The type parameters can be used to declare the return type and act as placeholders for the types of the arguments passed to the generic method, which are known as actual type arguments.

A generic method's body is declared like that of any other method. Note that type parameters can represent only reference types, not primitive types (like int, double and char).

Following example illustrates how we can print an array of different type using a single Generic method −

This will produce the following result −

There may be times when you'll want to restrict the kinds of types that are allowed to be passed to a type parameter. For example, a method that operates on numbers might only want to accept instances of Number or its subclasses. This is what bounded type parameters are for.

To declare a bounded type parameter, list the type parameter's name, followed by the extends keyword, followed by its upper bound.

Following example illustrates how extends is used in a general sense to mean either "extends" (as in classes) or "implements" (as in interfaces). This example is Generic method to return the largest of three Comparable objects −

A generic class declaration looks like a non-generic class declaration, except that the class name is followed by a type parameter section.

As with generic methods, the type parameter section of a generic class can have one or more type parameters separated by commas. These classes are known as parameterized classes or parameterized types because they accept one or more parameters.

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